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Online learning series




February 28 - April 6

Thinking about flipping your classroom? Would you like to teach online? Are you hoping to do some online projects, discussions, or components with your students this year? We can help you get there!

The Eighth Floor’s Online Learning Series helps educators make the transition from face-to-face instruction to the world of teaching and learning online. Participants
will explore blended and fully online instruction from both the student’s and instructor’s perspective. We will focus on building authentic learning communities, creating successful interaction, and delivering engaging content. The series starts as a fully online class and then transitions into a blended (F2F & online) course

This course is comprised of both online and face-to-face meetings to create a blended learning experience.

Participants must attend both online and F2F and participate in all activities in order to earn a certificate of completion.

This portion of the course provides a unique opportunity to BE the online student while exploring istance learning theory and practice. You will be immersed in the virtual learning environment while building a solid knowledge base on such key skills as community building and facilitation to ensure student retention and engagement.

**Participants will receive an email a day or two before the online portion starts to help them get started in this experience.

(you must attend all classes to earn a certificate)

• March 22

• March 29

• April 5

Classes meet at The Eighth Floor from 4:00 – 7:00 pm on each of these Wednesdays


Best practices of organization and design in an online environment

Best Practices & the
Facilitator ’s Role

Overview of “what works” in online teaching
and learning. Your role as the teacher
changes. If you aren’t lecturing, what ARE
you doing? Examine a new role of online
management techniques, communication
strategies, and more.

Examine proven techniques for developing and asking the right questions to ensure student interaction and success.

The skills & practices in our Online Learning Series are applicable to all learning management systems.

The Online Teaching & Learning Series awards 48 hours ofprofessional development time. Classes must be taken together and participants must be active and interested



in the trenches

This blended course is a unique opportunity for new teachers. Explore strategies, tips,
practices, and resources designed to help you navigate like a veteran educator.

Topics include:
Classroom Management • Classroom Culture •
Parent Communication for K-12 teachers •
Designing Lessons • Differentiation Strategies

Participants must participate with interest in both online and the face-toface
sessions to earn 21 hours of professional development.

January 31 – February 21 (online)
January 31st - 4:30 – 7:30 pm (face-to-face)



Synchronous Online Learning

We reject the boring webinar. We believe that learning online with others can be active and engaging. We will share information quickly and clearly and still have room for conversation. Our goal is to keep these sessions to about 30 – 45 minutes long.


NEW! What’s the Deal with Virtual Reality (VR)? – Scott Ertl

Virtual Reality (VR) is new technology that has been making waves recently. VR is not only used for gaming and entertainment, there are applications being used in education. New tools are popping up all the time so we will take a look at what’s hot, what’s coming up and more importantly what ways are these technologies being used in our world of education.

Feb 9 TH 3:30 – 4:30 pm

NEW! The What, Why, and When of Student Assessment – Linda Jones

There are a number of web-based formative and summative assessment tools available to educators. We will survey a few and discuss best practices in using online tools.

Mar 2 TH 4:30 – 5:30 pm

NEW! Project Management in a World of Technology – Lee Anne Morris a conversation with Amy Bell

Anyone who manages large groups, general projects, research projects, grant projects, etc. will be interested in this topic. We will look at the methods and tools behind 21st Century educational project management.

Apr 19 W 4:30 – 5:30 pm


Enroll just as you would with any other Eighth Floor class. These classes will be held via Adobe Connect. Near to class time, you will receive additional information from us about getting in the class on Adobe Connect






One-on-one Time with an Eighth Floor Instructor Do you think you could get by with a little help from a friend? Do you need some advice, some ideas, some guidance? Are you stuck? We can help you think through a project, suggests resources and tools, guide you in using software or other resources, or even recommend classes to help you develop skills. Sign up for one-on-one time with an Eighth Floor instructor. We will do our best to help you out.

Meetings are at The Eighth Floor and depend on the availability of an instructor and the topic. We know a lot, but we can’t know everything!




District Requests



You don’t want to miss this! Scott, Linda, and Lee Anne take their act on the road and could be coming to your school soon. Does everyone at your institution know what The Eighth Floor is, how it works, and why we are so awesome?

This is a perfect opportunity for us to spend 5 – 30 minutes at your institutions telling you exactly what we are about. We are happy to pop in on teacher meetings, administrator meetings, or all school meetings. Any tent! Any town! Right now is a good time to schedule an Eighth Floor Road Show. For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Fill out the form so we can contact you.


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